Immerse Yourself in a Warehouse Dance Party With Devault's 'Diamond Tape' EP
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Immerse Yourself in a Warehouse Dance Party With Devault’s ‘Diamond Tape’ EP


Devault’s Diamond Tape is anything but a diamond in the rough. Since his debut EP release in 2018, Devault has continued to grow & explore new sounds, and River Beats has been there to witness the evolution. Following up with similar “gem” themed EPs including, SAPPHIRE, and RUBY, Diamond Tape is the latest in the series.

The EP begins with previously released single “HEAVEN’S GATES” with Izzy Camina, exploring dark and industrial elements reminiscent of a gritty & dark warehouse party. Devault even confirms this himself, explaining that he wanted to “immerse the listener for a full 15-minutes as if they’re in a European warehouse dancing, escaping themselves.” This sets the mood for the rest of Diamond Tape, a combination of sexy edginess filled with heavy hitters.

Give a listen to the full EP below:

“Heaven’s Gates and the upcoming DIAMOND TAPE is all about risk and excitement. I’ve been longing to evolve in a drastic way, musically, emotionally, mentally etc. and I think this is a major turning point for me. i’m not confined to any genre but I put a grande effort in keeping things in my own world. HEAVEN’S GATES is a launching point into my next phase of that world: It’s dark, sexy and sets the stage for what DIAMOND TAPE will offer.”


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