Delgira and shelajit Weave Together Dark Paradise in Maui Music Video (Watch)

Delgira and shelajit Weave Together Dark Paradise in Maui Music Video (Watch)

delgira and shelajit

When two artists find symmetry, the results are multi-colored and bursting from the seems. When those two artists come from different media, the results explode with even more flavor.

Such is the case for the polymath producers known as Delgira and shelajit, a pair of Asian female artists who explore sound, sight, and sensation in remarkable ways. Most recently, the duo combined to breathe life into their 2024 release, “Way I Move,” with a music video.

The track is an exotic downtempo number flushed with notes of sensuality and emotion. Decorated with Delgira’s glossy vocals, fluttering synths, and a malevolent bass line curdling in the background, the single paints an ethereal and oddly mystical soundscape for the listener.

In the music video, shot on the island of Maui, the two artists pull back even more layers to create a visual spectacle spilling over the sides with silk, rope, flowers, and raw female energy. In addition to the production quality, shelajit was responsible for designing and sewing the costumes as well as co-choreographing the dance performances making this a truly organic creation.

delgira and shelajit

As Asian female artists, Delgira and shelajit are using their art to champion a quest for diversity and representation in the EDM scene. If you’re interested in following along with them as they continue to explore the bounds of visual, auditory, and performance art, keep up with them in the links below.

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