ODESZA's 'Loyal' Gets a Dark Remix From One of 2018's Rising Artists [Listen]
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ODESZA’s ‘Loyal’ Gets a Dark Remix From One of 2018’s Rising Artists [Listen]

Buzzing producer Deathpact has risen onto the heavy industrial bass scene in 2018 following their prodigious collaboration “Life & Death” with Rezz and debut EPs Cipher One and Cipher Two. Their epic new reprise of ODESZA’s “Loyal” takes the coveted release into the distorted realm.

There is something to be said when artists successfully spin the Seattle-based duo’s tracks in a fresh and inventive direction. After years of anticipation from fans, the hype surrounding ODESZA’s September release of their trapped-out single “Loyal” was palpable. Shortly thereafter, Deathpact got their hands on the stems and took on the challenge to do just that. Their first-ever remix flips the release with grime and glitch galore, taking a heavier angle on the hit track.

Despite Deathpact’s early high-profile pairings, there is little information to know to whom we owe the credit. Debut EPs Cipher One and Cipher Two show their versatility in crafting chaotic groove among aggressive bass and blips. Their bold entry even earned them support from Pete Tong and Annie Nightingale on BBC Radio 1 and a spot on Billboard Dance’s “Ones to Watch” list.

Between two stellar EPs and their dark take on one of 2018’s favorites, Deathpact has been an intriguing project to follow. Fans can also dial 917-283-2750, as noted in the track’s description, to join in on the secret.

Check out the remix below!

Deathpact’s virtual vision continues online, with an alternate-reality website drawing in fans to piece the puzzle together. Yet, the mystery of Deathpact lingers as their impressive catalog continues to grow.

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