ODESZA Teases the Release of Long Awaited Trapped Out Single 'Loyal' in Recent Video

ODESZA Releases Long Awaited Trapped Out Single ‘Loyal’ [Listen]

It’s been one year since the release of A Moment Apart, and over the past year, ODESZA has dominated the airwaves with shows, production, and overall magic. 

But today, fans have a little more to be excited about. The group decided to release a long-time fan-favorite “Loyal” to the general public. The song first started appearing in ODESZA sets around 2015, and has since become a mainstay of their live show.

Featuring a full drum-line and multiple horns, the single definitely shows a trap side to ODESZA, something non-die hard fans absolutely love.

You can preview the track below from some of their more recent live shows. No release date has been set, but September is always a month the group likes to release new music.

Update: We called it. ODESZA premiered the single live on beats1 this morning, and it hit streaming platforms soon after. ODESZA previously released A Moment Apart, In Return, and Summer’s Gone during the month of September. 

Listen to loyal in its entirety below!



Photo: Julian Basjel 

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