Comisar Brings Listeners into a Dream-Filled Terrain at 'Warp Speed' Ahead of EP Release [Premiere]

Comisar Brings Listeners into a Dream-Filled Terrain at ‘Warp Speed’ Ahead of EP Release [Premiere]

Since releasing his remix of CloZee’s “Secret Place” three years ago, Comisar is a name that is becoming more and more familiar by the day.

Originally hailing from Ohio, the electronic music up-and-comer has a knack for layering psychedelic bass over euphoric synths and spellbinding rhythms. He’s on the verge of releasing his next major project and now Comisar comes to River Beats to premiere “Warp Speed.”

Dropping a day shy of his Becoming EP, which is out everywhere tomorrow, “Warp Speed” is a dreamy number with organic field recordings, synthesized nature sounds, and lush vocal layers. He’s already released three tunes prior, but “Warp Speed” is by far the most ambient of the lot.

Speaking to the premiere and the EP release, Comisar says:

“‘Warp Speed’ hints at my love for big drops, drum n bass, and Star Trek. To me, it feels like a celebratory, light hearted song that fit perfectly to wrap up the EP.”

Clocking in at just over three minutes, the track begins subtly and nuanced as if Comisar has just dropped off his listeners into the middle of a serene natural landscape by way of chopper. If one had to guess, it’s probably somewhere in the mountains around his Colorado stomping grounds.

As the track comes down for landing, it’s clear that Comisar has kept his audience idly guessing “what’s next” around every corner. He never lets up, only building to the song’s calming come down. It’s almost as if we’d been lost in a daydream or a blissful meditation and it’s time to come back to earth. The only thing that’s clear is that there’s no way to pin down this kind of song into one specific genre.

Since performing alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music at Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Imagine Festival, Sonic Bloom, and more, the multi-talented artist is only just getting started. Look out for Comisar wrapping the month of June as opening support for CloZee‘s first-curated event, VOYAGE, taking place at Terry Bison Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Until then listen to “Warp Speed” below and be on the lookout for his next EP installment landing tomorrow, June 18.

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