CHKLZ: A Journey of Joy, Unity, and New Music [Preview]

CHKLZ: A Journey of Joy, Unity, and New Music

Former band members of Okilly Dokilly, now known as CHKLZ, released a remix of their hit song “White Win Spritzer” today

CHKLZ is not just another music duo; they are a community, a movement, and a celebration of unity. As they prepare for a busy 2024 tour, CHKLZ invites everyone—fans old and new—to join in their vibrant world of “Pawesomeness.” Their fans, known as ‘Doggies,’ aren’t just supporters but part of a tight-knit community where everyone belongs.

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CHKLZ has quickly risen to fame without the help of an agent, performing across the USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Costa Rica. Their remix of Okilly Dokilly’s “White Wine Spritzer,” released today, marks a significant moment in their career. This remix bridges their heavy metal roots with their current upbeat house vibe, creating a full-circle moment that showcases their evolution as artists. This track is definitely on the Riverbeats radar and showcases a fresh fun take to the world of house music.

Pawesome People Unite!

The duo, DJ iLL Choppo and LeMarshawn Jean, are known for their upbeat and fun-loving nature, which shines through their music and electrifying live shows. CHKLZ’s journey began with an extraordinary encounter that shaped their mission and sound. On one Fourth of July, they found a small white dog named Charlie under a truck in downtown Phoenix. This dog, nicknamed “Chuckles,” became their muse and namesake, symbolizing their mission to create a music community for everyone.

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LeMarshawn Jean’s creative spelling of CHKLZ sets them apart and reflects their innovative approach to music. They blend traditional live instrumentation with electronic music, creating a unique sound that draws on DJ iLL Choppo’s 20 years of experience as a touring drummer. Their performances are known for their vibrant energy and spontaneity, making each show a unique experience.


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And Then, Everything Changed

A turning point for CHKLZ was their performance at Friendzy Fest 2023 in Alberta, Canada. Initially scheduled for an early slot, they ended up with a prime nighttime performance, which catapulted them into the spotlight. This lucky break led to more festival and headliner bookings, boosting their international presence.

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CHKLZ’s story is one of inspiration and inclusion, all sparked by the rescue of Charlie. As they continue to tour and produce music, they carry the spirit of Chuckles with them. Continuously uniting audiences worldwide with their Groove Fiesta. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of music and the connections it creates.

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