CHKLZ Releases House Remix of "White Wine Spritzers"[interview]

CHKLZ: Previous Members of Okilly Dokilly Release House Remix of “White Wine Spritzer” [Interview]

Two members of the metal band Okilly Dokilly, known for their hard-hitting riffs and intense stage presence, have taken on a bold new venture by transitioning into the world of House music under the moniker CHKLZ.

The duo are releasing a remix to the group’s all-time top single “White Wine Spritzer” on May 29th. The single was originally featured on “The Simpsons” and was a crowd favorite while on tour. 


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This drastic shift from the raw energy of metal, to the rhythmic dance-driven beats of House music presents a significant challenge, demanding a complete reinvention of their musical style and persona. Yet, this transformation is nothing short of inspiring. It showcases their versatility and fearless creativity, proving that artists can transcend genre boundaries and continuously evolve. Embracing new technologies and production techniques, they are now captivating audiences in a different yet equally compelling way, illustrating the boundless nature of musical expression and the power of reinvention.

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A Shift in Direction

Riverbeats got the exclusive during an interview with one of the group members this weekend. We are stoked to let you in on this transition, the creative process, and some true backstory to get you excited for their new releases. When asked about the inspiration of the musical journey they have been on, DJ iLL Choppo stated: 

“I have always been in love with drumming. I actually told myself before any of this that I would never make EDM music and here I am. It all happened naturally one day when we were trying to figure out what was next for us. I am so happy that this ended up the way that it did because I feel like I am doing something that makes me genuinely happy. Having this creative outlet be my full time life has made me rich in life and memories.” – CHKLZ

RB: What are the most rewarding experiences as CHKLZ that you have had so far? 

“Being able to explore this new side of music has been so cool. My favorite things as a drummer is mixing a drumming portion into our sets and watching the crowds reaction as we blow their minds with something so unexpected for them.” – CHKLZ

RB: We would love it if you could share insights into your songwriting and production process as CHKLZ, especially how it differs from your work in a metal band.

“Being a part of Okilly Dokilly was such an incredible experience and I learned so much from being a part of that band. We decided to start making house music one random day in 2021 and have had a blast ever since. The “White Wine Mixer” remix (releasing soon), was created almost as a joke while we were stranded somewhere and were having the goofiest night making the best out of our situation. The beat just came randomly and evolved into something that we are so proud of. We hope the OG fans will appreciate the cross over, and are hoping to gain some attention from new fans as well.” – CHKLZ

RB: Can you tell readers about your overall message and what they will expect from the future of CHKLZ?

“I was bullied pretty heavily in highschool. I was the kid that ran cross country that would get made fun of for pretty much everything I did. Because of this, I used music as an escape from all of it and that is why we have dedicated our tour and music to the underdogs who have been through some hard times. We want people to feel safe and welcome at our shows and always make sure to spread positivity to the world.” – CHKLZ


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The Future of CHKLZ featuring Some Powerful Manifesting

Looking ahead, CHKLZ has set their sights on gracing the stages of iconic festivals like EDC, Tomorrowland, and Electric Forest. Ultimately aiming to bring their electrifying House beats to a global audience.

Their ambition to perform at these renowned events highlights their commitment to making a impact in the electronic community. For longtime fans and new listeners alike, the opportunity to see CHKLZ live in their town is not to be missed. Their shows promise a dynamic fusion of innovative blends of genres and positive energy, offering an experience that celebrates their artistic evolution. Don’t miss the chance to witness the beginning of the CHKLZ’s journey from metal mayhem to House harmony.

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