Casual T Continues String of Releases in 2021 With 'Intoxicated' [Listen] - River Beats Dance

Casual T Continues String of Releases in 2021 With ‘Intoxicated’ [Listen]

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Continuing his 2021 hot streak, Austin-based DJ/producer Casual T returns to the forefront of emerging electronic talent with his new single “Intoxicated.” Travis Drews dropped his first single earlier this year after a 2-year hiatus following the release of his debut EP Lovers, 7-tracks filled with emotive dance music and relatable lyricism. 2021 has seen a string of singles from Drews including “Still Thinking of You” and “Transcendence.”

Up next follows a similar suit to the indie electronic artist with “Intoxicated.” A unique union of synths and drops and soundscapes reminiscent of Porter Robinson, whom served as inspiration behind the making of the track. “They [the vocals] switch back and forth between different vocal chains, which was inspired by Porter Robinson’s ‘Something Comforting,'” Drews explained.

Listen to “Intoxicated” below:

A proficient scratch DJ/teacher, Drews is equal parts old-school and futuristic. With his experience in other genres including electronica, hip-hop, rap, and bass, he manages to combine elements from all of his past projects to fabricate the Casual T signature sound.

“I had a lot of fun making Intoxicated. I wanted to capture the feeling of when you’re partying with friends and the drugs really slap you in the face.”

– Casual T

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