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Why Everyone Loves BONNIE X CLYDE

BONNIE X CLYDE, otherwise known as Paige and Daniel, are two of the most beloved producers in the game. The now LA-based artists combine the best of both worlds with live vocals and electronic music under one moniker. They have amassed millions of streams, performed around the world, and brought smiles to fans all over. And they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

But what is it about them that draws people to them? The two have an unbeatable stage presence. They throw house parties when festivals are cancelled. They are authentic and real as can be on social media. And to be honest, they’re just damn cute together.


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😛💥😁Love you EDC, til next time

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The two recently released their latest single, “SO HIGH.” The song taps into their instrumental side, while still incorporating Bonnie’s minimal vocals. You can expect more music from them as the year progresses on.

Give “SO HIGH” a listen below:

Paige and Daniel have been long-time best friends since high school, and now they’re packing out festival stages and selling out shows. Their love for their craft is reflected in how much they care about their fans, a group they’ve deemed “RoseGang.”

“We exist to empower people; pushing the good vibes.”

– Bonnie x clyde

BONNIE X CLYDE have lots in-store for this year, including more music and a Fall 2019 tour. Stay tuned for more!

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