Listen to Big Wild Perform Live on KCRW for 'Morning Becomes Eclectic'

Listen to Big Wild Perform Live on KCRW for 'Morning Becomes Eclectic'

After concluding an amazing 2-night performance for ODESZA‘s A Moment Apart Finale, Big Wild headed to KCRW in LA for a streaming performance! Big Wild recently released his debut album Superdream earlier this year and performed some of the top tracks from the album. Check out the 35-minute show below!

Big Wild kicked off the show with “City of Sound” featuring his own vocals, Maddie Rice on guitar/backup vocalist and Haley Johnsen as bassist/backup vocalist. “City of Sound” was the first song that Big Wild ever played around with vocals on for the album. Following, he went straight into “Purple Sand (My Home),” one of my favorite tracks from the album. Other tracks played include “Maker,” “No Words,” “Alley-Oop” featuring Ida Hawk, and “6’s to 9’s” featuring Rationale.

In addition to the live performance, Big Wild discusses the evolution of his project. He explained that he was beginning to feel adventurous with his sound. Prior to electronic music, he produced and played around with hip-hop, which he still sometimes incorporates into his sets (i.e. Outkast). He explains he took a leap of faith singing as he hadn’t done it previously on records before.

“I feel like at a certain point with production I was hitting this creative wall where I didn’t know how to keep expressing myself with just instruments. […] It was a natural instinct to want to sing vocals. […] I wanted to do a whole album around it because I knew it was a big step.”

– Big Wild

After discovering Big Wild at the small “Dragonfly stage” at Euphoria, I’ve personally been a steady fan of his. Watching his progression to becoming more and more comfortable on stage to even including his own vocals and singing while performing has been moving. I highly recommend those that love feel good dance-y tunes to check out Big Wild.


Featured image via @lucas_mk.

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