Akurei Intertwines R&B Beats and Sensual Vocalism in 'September' EP [RB Premiere]

Akurei Intertwines R&B Beats and Sensual Vocalism in 'September' EP [RB Premiere]

Earlier this summer, we covered the newcomer Akurei and his sophomore single “Hollow.And now, we return with Akurei’s finalized project: the lovely and meaningful 4-track September EP. Two of the previously unheard singles” Quarter Tank Full” and “Clockwork” revolve around soft R&B beats with his vocals as the main focal point, continuing on his previous tracks. As the listener, it’s hard not to become entranced by the sultriness oozing from every angle.

Give September a listen below:

The two previously released singles “Hollow” and “Stockholm” gave fans a peek as to what’s to come from the R&B/electronic-fused artist. All together, September gives a peek into Akurei’s self-proclaimed “quarter-life crisis” he wrote while abroad in September 2018. According to him, the exciting thing “was returning home with the songs and coming back to them and seeing them develop and grow” as he pulled them apart and rebuilt them. He completed “Stockholm” and “Quarter Tank Full” alongside friend and producer Golden Vessel to round out the project.

“I wrote Quarter Tank Full in London in a friend’s living room. Lyrically, it’s about the daily walk into Clapham Common, and the things I had on my mind during these walks – mainly wanting to reconcile with someone back home.”

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