A Peek Into Akurei's Upcoming EP With Newest Release: 'Hollow' [Listen]

Slow things down this Monday with Akurei’s latest release “Hollow.” Akurei is an Australian-based artist that combines his delicate vocals with meaningful lyrics. After releasing his single “Stockholm” last month, he follows up once more with “Hollow,” a guitar-driven, R&B beat soundscape. These two singles give a peek into his upcoming EP, coming out later this year.

With a soft and minimal beat in the background, Akurei’s vocals and lyrics are the primary focus as he dives into “revisiting and reevaluating the faith he had when he was younger.”

Give “Hollow” a listen below:

‘Hollow’ is the last of the collection of songs I wrote abroad last year. I’d just left Europe and arrived in Bali to meet with some friends to work on a record together. Europe had been a confusing and emotionally intense time, whereas my time in Bali with friends provided a lot of clarity and peace.”


Featured image via artist. 


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