After a Four Year Hiatus, ODESZA Releases New Single 'The Last Goodbye' ft Bettye LaVette [Listen] - River Beats Dance
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After a Four Year Hiatus, ODESZA Releases New Single ‘The Last Goodbye’ ft Bettye LaVette [Listen]

It’s been four long years since anyone has seen ODESZA perform live. It’s been 5 long years since ODESZA has released any new music, not counting their collab project with Golden Features, BRONSON.

But 2022 looks like the end of the wait for the new ODESZA. After teasing several new videos the duo has finally dropped a new single. “The Last Goodbye” which features a Soulful side of the group went live this morning. Stream the new single featuring Bettye LaVette below. 

ODESZA’s third studio album, A Moment Apart, debuted in September of 2017. Since its release, the group has performed at nearly every corner of the world, including their own festival SUNDARA in 2018. A Moment Apart was billed as a finality to ODESZA’s current project and sound, and the group made it known they would be taking an indefinite hiatus from touring and new music. The decision proved to be wise, as the pandemic took hold in March 2020 and devastated all touring acts. (You can see A Moment Apart’s full timeline HERE)

Since A Moment Apart, ODESZA has released music under their side project with Golden Features BRONSON, but has stayed relevantly quiet on the new music front. Rumors of new music started hitting a fever pitch over the past few months, as the group finally took to social media to tease new music. 

And now, that new music is here. If the past has given us any indication, expect a brand new ODESZA album to be upon us by the summer of 2022. For now, dive into their new sounds below. 


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