LA-Based Engineer Action Paxton Concocts Bass-House Banger, ‘Boots & Cats’ [Listen] - River Beats Dance

LA-Based Engineer Action Paxton Concocts Bass-House Banger, ‘Boots & Cats’ [Listen]

action paxton boots & cats

It’s 2022, and music videos are no longer the only way to promote a song release. Today, we have artists such as Action Paxton who, in addition to playful cover art and a brilliantly crafted music video, included 9 NFTs in his announcement of his debut 2022 release, “Boots & Cats.”

The song follows a bouncy and boisterous swagger that’s just about as animated as the music video itself. The best kind of bass-house tracks is the ones that balance elements from both respective genres (bass and house) without one overpowering the other. In “Boots & Cats,” Action Paxton does just that, showing off what years of production experience and studio time will do for an artist. 

The Los Angeles-based producer, DJ, and engineer have credits with top-tier names like Juice WRLD, Kamaiyah, Kreyshawn, and more, with a discography that spans genres. Whether he is drumming for his band Kung Fu Vampire, touring with hip-hop artist WolfHawkJaguar, or working on his solo project, Action Paxton appears to have every intention of making evocative music in any kind of form.

In regards to the NFTs, Action Paxton combined with illustrator Sonja Calhoun to create 9 signature NFTS – six of which are cats from the cover art, two are dead ‘ghost’ cats, and one is a pair of boots (the rarest). You can find them on available now.

Following the release of “Boots & Cats,” fans will be anxious to hear what Action Paxton has next, whether it be another release from his solo project, a new collaboration, or perhaps an expansion of his NFT collection.

Stay tuned.

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