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A Complete Guide to Workshops and Vendors at Gem and Jam 2022

It’s true, Gem and Jam Festival has arguably one of the best Spring lineups of 2022. It’s filled with esoteric bass, jam artists, and all that funky in-between. But – that’s not all there is to experience at Gem and Jam Festival! Though the music will be phenomenal, we encourage you to check out some of the holistic workshops and vendors the event has to offer. 

Here’s your handy and complete guide to all the offerings, workshops, and art/food vendors available at Gem and Jam Festival 2022. 

Topaz Healing Sanctuary 

The Topaz Healing Sanctuary is the perfect place to sink into your deepest self. These workshops are designed for spiritual healing and self-discovery. Some of these workshops include Crystal and Tea energy healing, daily meditations, and other learning opportunities for spiritual healing. 

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the spiritual waters? The Topaz Healing Sanctuary is a vast resource for cultivating spiritual energies while at Gem and Jam Festival. 

Check out their full schedule of holistic workshops and events. 

Amethyst Stage Workshops 

Cirque Roots from Gem and Jam Festival website

There are many epic workshops available all weekend at the Amethyst stage. You can learn and participate in several different activities including Vinyasa dance flow, plant energy healing, and an Acroyoga Jam! There are multiple dance and yoga opportunities available throughout the weekend. These activities are meant to encourage self-expression and inner growth, as well as lots of play and lucid movement.

If you’re looking for workshops that offer part healing, part silly, part dance, and tons of fun, you’ll want to spend your weekend vibing around the Amethyst area. 

Check out the full schedule of Amethyst Stage workshops.

Drumming Sounds Workshops

The Drumming Sounds workshop area offers a bunch of different drum circle workshops including performances and creative jam sessions.

There are several different types of rhythm offerings here including open drum circles, energetic manipulation through sound, sacred story & song, and more. This sacred space focuses on indigenous and ancient healing through rhythm, sound, and natural healing.

Craft Vendors 

It just wouldn’t be Gem and Jam Festival without some incredible craft and art vendors. After all, the “Gem” of “Gem and Jam” isn’t just because it sounds cool. Gem and Jam Festival is also notoriously held the same weekend as the international Tuscon Gem and Mineral show. As you can see below, their vendor list is both extensive and impressive. Read more about each craft vendor.

We highly recommend taking some time to peruse through the vendor area and interact with some of the craft vendors here. These are not your typical festival vendors, some are local to the area and some traveled very far to attend this event. 

Food Vendors

You know we couldn’t forget about the food vendors! Creating dishes and feeding the community is an art form in itself, and these vendors help curate the experience just like any other on-site vendor.

Here’s the list of food offerings at Gem and Jam Festival this year: 

Gem and Jam Festival is almost sold out! You can camp onside at the 14th annual event at The Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ happening on February 4-6, 2022. 

Get your tickets here. 


Featured photo by John Verwey, courtesy of Gem and Jam

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