1788-L Unleashes Heavy New Remix For The Glitch Mob [Listen]
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1788-L Unleashes Heavy New Remix For The Glitch Mob [Listen]

If you’ve been following recent trends in dance music, you know the sounds of REZZ, K?D, and The Glitch Mob have been the latest rage. But not following too far in their footsteps, if not leading the way, is the new kid on the block 1788-L.

The producer is all the rage recently with remix after remix, and the release of his debut EP S E N T I E N C E. Continuing his hot streak today is a fantastic remix of The Glitch Mob‘s recent single “Disintegrate Slowly.”

The track is everything you hoped for: dark, glitchy, and hard-hitting. 1788-L continues to show off his sound through his unique remixes.

Give the new remix below, and be on the lookout for 1788-L.


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