ZHU Releases Dark New Single ‘Nightcrawler’ [Stream Here]
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ZHU Releases Dark New Single ‘Nightcrawler’ [Stream Here]

Earlier this week ZHU left fans a very vague but ominous social media Post. The strange video called  “Nightcrawler”, gave fans a minute-long cryptic video depicting the downfall of EDM’s biggest names such as The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Alan Walker, Kygo, Zedd, Steve Aoki, and more.

Fans were left wondering what this video could be about. Today ZHU delivered, with Nightcrawler officially being released as the first single of 2017 for the mysterious producer. 

Nightcrawler is a dark, haunting dance number that features deep vocal samples, taking him to the darkest place he’s been to date.

Listen to ZHU – Nightcrawler below! 

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