ZHU Releases R&B Ballad 'Coming Home' With Rising Canadian Duo [Listen]
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ZHU Releases R&B Ballad ‘Coming Home’ With Rising Canadian Duo [Listen]

Previously teased at Lightning in a Bottle 2018, ZHU and Majid Jordan have finally unveiled their newest track, ‘Coming Home’.

The song features the R&B duo’s smooth vocals layered over ZHU’s slow and textured rhythms. The collaboration between the two artists works well, given ZHU’s fondness for infusing his deep house sound with a soulful groove. With feel-good lyrics and melodic, velvety soundscapes, ‘Coming Home’ melds the best of R&B and ambient electronica.

Although ZHU originally premiered the track in May at Lightning in a Bottle, it was not available for streaming until now. ZHU hinted at the release with a tweet earlier this week with an all-caps announcement, “ZHU + MAJID JORDAN = FRIDAY”.

Watch the original festival video below!

Photo by Jess Bernstein

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