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Zedd and Diplo Reignite Their Twitter Feud and the Internet is Loving It

What was once a seemingly harmless Twitter beef fight has now escalated to new levels. The culprits: Zedd and Diplo. The fight reignited by a tweet from Max Vangeli, after he flew to Hong Kong to support Diplo and his “pussy ass show.” You can view the whole tweet by Vangeli below, complete with Diplo’s “herpy dick” and all.

Zedd responded to the slanderous tweet with a “100% truth” then proceeded to block Diplo… hoping that he wouldn’t see the tweet? We’re not sure.

Diplo retaliated once he found out Zedd was hiding behind the block button, calling him out on Twitter. This is some A+ Twitter EDM beef right here.

For some backstory… the two have never quite gotten along with each other. After Diplo called Zedd out on making a track with “fake Flume drops,” the hostility has been present.

Since his original tweet caused mayhem, Vangeli has gone off on 3LAU, and dozens of others on Twitter. The exchange is quite entertaining. You can head to his Twitter page here to get caught up on all the EDM drama. 

Will Zedd unblock Diplo? Is Diplo going to make a EDM diss track? Stay tuned.

Featured image via Stereogum.

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