Zeal Seamlessly Blends Hip-Hop & Electro in 'Time 2 Go' [RB Premiere]

Combining the best of Hip-Hop and Electro is Zeal alongside SODA for their newest collaboration “Time 2 Go.” Considered an essential worker amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Zeal has found refuge in making music, especially with the release of this track. Joined by rapper Soda, the two mingle their unique flavors for the feel good “Time 2 Go,” a refreshing take on electronic music that challenges the status quo of typical EDM.

The Australian producer and multi-instrumentalist pulls his inspiration from a variety of genres which is representative especially in this single release. Mingling aspects from indie-electronic, synth-pop, and R&B, “Time 2 Go” is an experience from beginning to end, pulling you in one direction and switching it up mid-song.

While you may not hear this at any festivals any time soon unfortunately, this one will definitely be a mood-lifter during Quarantine season.

Listen to “Time 2 Go” below:

Finding solace and inspiration in artists and genres ranging from Porter Robinson to old-school hip-hop, Zeal intertwines his sound design into a single listening experience. Though he doesn’t have many releases under his belt, give his old-school 2017 releases “Zaffre” and “Reminiscent” a listen below, as well as a couple others.

Stay safe, friends!

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