Zack Martino Enlists Irish Singer Lenii On 'Crave U' [Listen]

Zack Martino Enlists Irish Singer Lenii On 'Crave U' [Listen]

Zack Martino has been dominating the airwaves as of late. With hits like “Make Me Yours” and “Mood” taking over multiple dance radio charts it’s easy to see Zack’s potential. His new effort “Crave U” ft. Lenii continues this trend. The club anthem has an infectious beat that pairs perfectly with Lenii’s angelic voice.

“I wrote the first verse of ‘Crave U’ in Ireland when I was 15. A few years later, when I moved to
New York, a mutual friend sent over Zack’s instrumental and his dark production just fit the lyrics
perfectly. This was a very unique process because even though we both live in New York, the final
version was made in Amsterdam over facetime. I’m very excited that it’s finally out,” Lenii had to say about the creation of the song.

Zack has plans to release an EP in 2020 so expect plenty more music from the rising star. Until then you can listen to “Crave U” ft. Lenii on your favorite streaming platform here.

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