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Your Guide to Lightning in a Bottle 2022

LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE 2022 IS JUST ONE WEEK AWAY! Whether you’re a seasoned LIB alum or a newbie, we’ve got you covered when it comes to packing, schedules, LIB lingo & more. We cannot wait to head out to Buena Vista Lake, but it’s always a good idea to make sure your extra prepared. Check out our packing guide down below & then read up on the week’s schedule.

Packing Guide

  • Wristband, Vehicle Stickers + Gov Issued ID
  • Earplugs ~ for safety and sleep
  • Headlamp or Flashlight (plus a set of backup batteries)
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Heavy Duty Trash Bags
  • Sturdy, Reliable Footwear + extra socks & bandaids
  • Tent & Shade Structure
  • Mirror (for getting ready at your campsite!)
  • Narcan or Test Strips
  • Enclosed Propane Stove
  • Backpack or Camelbak
  • Camera
  • A Reasonable Amount of Alcohol for Personal Consumption in Campgrounds Only
  • Cooler for Campsite
  • Floaties, Inflatable Rafts, or Paddle Boards
  • Good Vibes!


As if the stacked lineup wasn’t enough, Lightning in a Bottle also has TONS of art, flow, & educational offerings. Music starts on Friday and goes through Sunday night. Yoga, sound healing, lectures & art all kickoff on Thursday. You can scope out all of the day to day schedules here!

Here is the day by day lineup:

LIB Glossary

​Here are some key words to know that are sure to make your fest experience a bit more seamless.

The Compass – The learning hub of the festival, the Compass is made up of 6 programmed areas offering talks, workshops, and classes.

Learning Kitchen – An educational area dedicated to food-focused workshops and culinary classes in a variety of both ancient and modern kitchen traditions.

ArtClave– LIB’s interactive creative learning space, offering art classes, hands-on workshops, and LIB art tours.

Lightning in a Paintcan – Also known as LIP. Over 50 live painters transform blank canvases into incredible murals and paintings throughout the festival, concluding with an art walk and silent auction Sunday evening.

Interactive Areas – Micro-environments within the festival offering unique programming, games, shenanigans and more.

The Marketplace – Your go-to destination within the festival for community crafted goods made by some of the best local and international artisans.

Atlaswyld Campground – Ideal for out of state travelers or camping newbies, Atlaswyld Campground offers onsite camping services that include pre-pitched luxury tents for an extra special LIB experience. Click here to view tent and trailer packages.


You can always check out the official Lightning in a Bottle website for any other info. Find that here. See y’all next week at Buena Vista Lake!


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