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Young the Giant Dances Through D.C. on ‘Mirror Master’ Tour [Gallery]

Young the Giant rolled through D.C.’s The Anthem on November 16th to showcase their new release Mirror Master.

The indie rock group played a 17-song setlist to a room full of hyped fans. From the opening song, “Mirror Master,” to the closing favorite “My Body,” the crowd sang every word.

This stop was the was the last leg of the Mirror Master Tour so energy and shenanigans were high. Fans of every generation were there; teenagers cheered at the barricade and elderly women danced freely. The tour manager even came on stage during the encore wearing a cat mask and danced to “My Body.” 

Pride in Acoustics

After starting with upbeat tracks “Heat of the Summer” and “Something to Believe In,” Young the Giant slowed things down playing acoustic versions “Firelight” and “Art Exhibit.” It was a nod to the ‘In The Open’ sessions that the band holds outdoors. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia openly talked about the band keeping true to their instrumental roots.

“We believe our songs should be able to be played acoustic,”

Gadhia went on to talk about the magic of creating new music. “I think really for humanity that’s the true essence of who we are. We can create something in our heads that doesn’t exist for anyone else. That only exists for you. That’s what music is to us.” 

Young the Giant has a lot of pride in their work and it shows in their live shows. They’re one of those bands that sounds the same, if not better than their studio recordings. The band’s talent shows in Gadhia’s vocals and dance-filled performances, and in the instrumental talent of the other band members. They’re one of those artists who look like they’re having the time of their lives on stage, giving consistently great live performances year after year.

Check out the second leg of the Mirror Master Tour here 


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