YOOKiE Take No Prisoners on Latest Release, "Project 9"
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YOOKiE Take No Prisoners on Latest Release, “Project 9”

YOOKiE continues to boggle our subwoofers with outlandish sound design and pure aggression on “Project 9,” a warhead of a track from Bassrush Records.

This song is terrifying and precise, sounding like a digital rifle firing off binary code reports in the midst of futuristic combat. The processed, distorted kicks rattle and splash chaotically against the grainy, distant toms.


It’s unflinching and relentless, reminiscent of the wonky “slimepunk” creations recently popularized by Bleep Bloop, Sayer, Proko and NastyNasty. Conventional song structures are bulldozed over in favor of unsettling air raid sirens and diabolical horror movie tones.

Following their previous release,’Dinner Chat,’the producer duo seems to get a kick out of gutting the generic dubstep template by tinkering with avant-garde rhythms, dark textures, and aggressive percussion.

YOOKiE push the boundaries on ‘Project 9.’ This is a focused and intense track that results in extreme headbanging during any live setting.

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Feature image courtesy of @jvkdvideos.

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