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Y Balloon Debuts Serene Sophomore Single: ‘Careless’ [Premiere]

After a stunning debut release, Y Balloon unveils his sophomore single, the delicate “Careless.” “Careless” is one of 7 tracks from Y Balloon‘s upcoming debut EP: JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). A common denominator between the new producer’s releases so far is an array of layers to create something absolutely euphonious. He contrasts the heavy side of electronic music, reminding us that “pretty” music is very much alive and well.

In “Careless,” Y Balloon incorporates piano, an element also found in “Mockingbird,” horns, and orchestral drums, along with light and airy vocals. His background in piano and interests in Jazz and Classical music has found itself in a modern electronic style under Y Balloon.

Listen to “Careless” on Apple Music. 

Y Balloon’s entrance into music is one that is distinctly different from many of his colleagues. He began his life career working as a successful tech entrepreneur where he saw the effect that technology can have on our lives, both negative and positive. His unique background as a tech entrepreneur has led him to fulfill the missing puzzle piece in people’s listening spectrum as he dives into the cross between technology and our every day lives. JOMO is a “call to put our phones down and instead find the joy in the world, the people, and the incredible moments that make up our lives.”

Give the video for Y Balloon’s first release, “Mockingbird,” a watch and listen below:

Featured image via artist. 

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