XaeboR Serves Up Some Fierce Riddim on 'PROPER' [Listen]

XaeboR Serves Up Some Fierce Riddim on ‘PROPER’ [Listen]

XaeboR knows just how to make a bassline bounce with meticulous sound design and an ignorantly catchy rhythm.

On “PROPER,” XaeboR dips a rubbery synth deep in gulley grime. Similar to the swampy riddim swing that made Boogie T and Subtronics household names.

Once the track breaks into it’s alley-lurk groove, it doesn’t let up. It lurches repetitively back and forth in a way that’s nauseously hypnotic.

XaeboR is no stranger to riddim; he’s a mainstay on Never Say Die Black Label. They have popularized the style with consistent releases from himself, Spag Heddy, Ponicz and others.

“PROPER” is out on the Buygore imprint, Fresh Blood. The growing label has put out singles from some of riddim’s finest like Somnium Sound, Algo and Bukez Finest, a niche XaeboR fits nicely with this impossibly wonky track.

Give “Proper” a listen below


Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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