X Ambassdors bring new Joyful tour to Washington, D.C.

X Ambassdors bring new Joyful tour to Washington, D.C.

A Joyful Return to D.C.

Ithaca, New York natives X Ambassadors brought their Joyful Tour to the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. on Monday, February 19th.

Audience members ranging from mid-teens to seniors filled the legendary venue to see the soulful, alternative act. One word to describe this evening is “rollercoaster.” From joyful, romantic songs such as “Gorgeous” to emotional, tear-jerkers like “Lowlife” and “Unsteady,” X Ambassadors took the sold-out crowd on a journey. The group brought energy and inventiveness to the stage on what many consider to be the worst day of the week – Monday.

Talent runs in the family

What makes for a fantastic show is passion and talent and these guys have it spades. From holding hands with audience members at the barricade to looping his saxophone, lead vocalist Sam Harris was an engaging frontman. He hit notes so high they may as well be in the cloud and his brother Casey Harris (who has been legally blind since birth) played the keyboard like he was born to.

X Ambassadors brought backup singers on tour for the first time. When paired with Harris’s high notes, the sound was almost ethereal.

X Ambassadors aren’t just musicians – they are allies and activists. Just less than a week after the Parkland school shooting, Sam Harris poured his heart out to the D.C. crowd about keeping our schools safe and gun laws, about acceptance and openness to anyone and everyone. After this passionate speech, the band broke into their hit “Unsteady,” bringing tears to the eyes of many while performing lyrics about feeling alone and fighting mental illness.

Eager Anticipation For Sophomore Album

The Joyful tour is named after a new single and album expected out this spring. Fans were joyful to have the privilege of hearing new songs such as “RIP” and “Happy Home.” If this crowd was happy about a new album just two years after the release of VHS before the band hit the stage, they were ecstatic after. These new tracks combine elements of pop, rock and a bit of soul and were well received.

X Ambassadors is the act you see in concert and wonder how they sound better live than they do on their recorded tracks. This is something that has not changed in their years of touring. River Beats staff approves.


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