Nite Records Drops Diverse Compilation 'Winter Nites Vol. 3' [Listen]
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Nite Records Drops Diverse Compilation 'Winter Nites Vol. 3' [Listen]

Since their creation in 2013, Nite Records has found promising up and comers in the house music scene.

Through the label’s staple VA compilations, which first began in 2014, established producers and rising stars alike have had the chance to highlight their talents. The most recent compilation, Winter Nites Vol. 3, introduced seven new artists to the imprint and also welcomed back three veterans – Andy P, Cabrillo, and Niles Shepard. Consisting of nine tracks that vary from funky disco house to hard-hitting tech-house, this compilation has a little something for all.

“The theme of both the Summer and Winter Nite compilations has been “there’s something for everyone.” Meaning each compilation has something for every type of house head, and Winter Nites Vol. 3 is no different.” Nite Records

Stream Winter Nites Vol. 3:

Winter Nites Vol. 3 is currently available for free download on Soundcloud.

While the entire compilation is worth listening, a few tracks, in particular, were definite standouts. First up on our list of favorites is “Très Chaud” by Nutty X Casmalia. This deep house hitter kicks off the album with smooth percussion and breathy vocals layered over a grooving bass line.


On the opposite end of house music, Colin Thomas’s “One” is another top pick. Laser sound effects, a grimy bass line, and a stark vocal set this tech-house thumper apart.


Track five on the compilation, Mr. Falcon’s “Study in Pink,” features an old school house vibe with a modern punch, making it an easy favorite. Airy affects and bright synths are seamlessly blanketed over a rolling, grungy bass line, which makes for a truly unique record.


Last but certainly not least, “Take You” by Devon James feat. Two Tails is a flawless cut of classic disco house. Packed with spinning synths and traditional diva vocals, this groovy jam is sure to ignite the dance floor.


About Nite Records

Created in L.A. in 2013 by a group of colleagues with a shared passion for the underground, Nite Records has quickly become one of the top indie imprints in the over-saturated and ever-growing U.S. house scene. Welcoming names like Fritz Carlton, Dateless, Ghostea, Lubelski, Steve Darko, Westend, and more; the label has made a name for themselves discovering and helping to develop talented up and comers into the established artists they are today.

With a number of charted releases, including Grensta’s I.C.U. EP that reached #1 House Release and #3 Overall Release on Beatport in 2016, Nite Records future is promising. Showing no signs of slowing down, the label continues to search out gifted rising stars for their Summer and Winter VA compilations, debut regular official releases and continue to host a monthly Apple podcast entitled ‘NITECAST Radio.’

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