Why You Need An EXstraw in Your Life [Review]

Why You Need An EXstraw in Your Life [Review]

When convincing people to ditch plastic straws and replace with a portable straw of your choice, the common complaint is: but what am I supposed to do with after I use it?! It’s certainly not ideal to throw a wet, used straw in your purse willy nilly. Even when you clean and wipe it off, there’s the chance it will get mixed up in the crumbs at the bottom of your purse (trust, it happens to me too). Enter EXstraw.

What is EXstraw?

EXstraw is a sanitary, cost-effective, eco-friendly case for your reusable straw. Whether you use a metal, bamboo, whatever you have it straw, you can keep it safe in your EXstraw case! The case itself is also dishwasher-safe and is ONLY $5. Talk about a steal.

The company was created “to fill the need of those who want to make a positive change for the environment by utilizing a reusable straw, but found themselves forgetting them.” Its small, sleek case makes it the perfect option when storing your reusable straw, plus it’s only $5 and comes in all sorts of colors. Say goodbye to the days of wasting paper towels on cleaning your straw, or throwing a wet straw in your purse. Those situations disappear with EXstraw!

In addition, those that are looking to buy EXstraws in bulk totally can!

Grab your own EXstraw here! And maybe get a couple for a friend or two.

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