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Why Playing The Violin Can Be Your New Passion

Everybody needs a passion in their life as having a skill or hobby that you enjoy doing can be extremely rewarding. Some of us find passion in our work, and dedicate ourselves to that field for our whole lives, whereas others find their passion in a sport that they can play competitively or by taking up a hobby such as pottery that can produce real tangible results. Music is something that we have all grown up with, indeed we will have been exposed to all sorts of different types, some that we find soothing and others that we find uplifting. Instruments fit into this category too, and one of the most evoking instruments there is the violin which can produce such beautiful sounds that once you hear one in the flesh it can stay with you for life. 

Here we are going to take a look at why playing the violin could be your new passion. 

Physical Benefits

Despite what it may seem, playing the violin is not physically easy. Violinists will often spend hours sitting bolt upright in a chair rehearsing, and some concerts can last several hours so stamina is a requirement. If you ever meet a violinist you will see that they carry themselves differently to most ‘normal’ people and this is because they will have excellent posture. After all, they cannot afford to be sat hunched if they want to extract a harmonious sound out of their instrument. Upper body strength will also come into play because over the years a violinist will develop great arm strength which can be transferred to other areas of life, and core strength will be gained daily. Violin players often have incredible abdominal muscles and this is purely down to their posture whilst playing, so if you’re looking for a passion that will help keep you physically fit then the violin is for you. 

You’ll Fall in Love With the Music

We all have our favourite film and more often than not there will be a heart-rendering scene with the violin playing in the background. The beauty of the violin, though, is that it lends itself to all sorts of different genres of music as it is just at home when leading a mournful dirge as it is when heard in an upbeat piece by Tchaikovsky, or in a modern rock band. Professionals from https://fiddlersguide.com advise that the beauty of the violin is that all of a sudden you will be able to express your feelings and emotions whilst playing the instrument in a way that you never have done before. This is especially useful in our adolescence as the teenage years can often be fraught with emotion, so learning to play the violin can be a great outlet for this emotion and will allow you to mature beyond your years, whilst becoming passionate with the music at the same time.   

It Will Reduce Stress

In our adult lives, we have many hundreds of things whirring through our minds all day long that it can be very difficult to sit back and relax and take stock of life. Playing the violin will change all of this as you will very quickly get lost in the music allowing the time to fly by as you finally get to relax and feel at ease. If you suffer from anxiety or other stress-related health problems it can improve your overall health so it is not something to be sniffed at to improve your life and overall well being, and if you can become passionate about it in the meantime it’s a winner!

Social Skills

The violin is not an easy instrument to learn, in fact it can take many years of arduous practice to get to an adequate level, and the maestros of this world will spend ten hours or more a day honing their craft. Despite all this solo practice, the violin is an orchestral instrument and this means that incredible social skills are required as a violinist will lead an orchestra, and other than the conductor will be its focal point, so communication is a key skill. Aside from playing in an orchestra, the violin can be great for young children as it is such an unusual and difficult instrument and will provide a talking point for them around their friends, it will also bring much-needed confidence to youngsters who are somewhat shy because they will be brought out of their shells, and can blossom thanks to the beauty of the music 

As we have learned playing the violin can be your new passion as it will help you to fall in love with music and transport yourself to other worlds, it will help improve your posture, provide great social skills that will be valuable in later life, and can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Sounds like you need to take up the violin!

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