Why Movies And Content Is Restricted In Your Region?
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Why Movies And Content Is Restricted In Your Region?

One of my close friends moved to Australia just a few years ago. While talking on the phone, I recommended a show that was available on Netflix. I mean what is so difficult about searching for a title on Netflix, right?

To my dismay, she got back to me after a week complaining that the show was not available in her region. 

“Not available in your region”, as a US citizen who hangs out with US citizens only and has family in the US, I never thought it was a thing. For me, it was a foreign concept, especially because Netflix buys copyrights for content or makes content and rolls it out for everyone on the platform. 

At least that is what I thought. As a millennial, born and raised in the era of cable TV, opening a channel and watching your favorite drama is all I know. I used to look for affordable cable packages like Optimum TV packages.

Now, things are different. Entertainment is not just limited to cable; there are more stakeholders than ever. From free content streaming like YouTube to paid content streaming sites like Netflix and some pirated websites, the options are endless. 

Amidst so many options, it was somewhat difficult to wrap my head around the region-based limitations. I mean if Netflix owns something why not just roll it out for everyone?

Are you thinking the same? Well, here is everything that you need to know about Netflix region-based content and how to bypass it. 

Why Some Movies And Content Are Unavailable In My Region?

As we have progressed, entrainment might seem like it has become much cheaper but overall industry has become bigger. The production cost of shows and movies is now in billions and the shelf life of content is reduced to just a few weeks.

This means that when a movie is released within just a few weeks, it will be replaced. Within such a fast fast-paced industry, making a profit means seeking more avenues for distribution. Production companies now seek distributors, cinema owners, content streaming sites, and other ways to maximize their profit. 

Good titles that perform exceptionally well at the box office are considered high in demand. They are sought-after and get the highest bid. Streaming companies get into messy battles over the rights in each region. For instance back in 2019, when sources reported that the famous TV series Friends would be exiting Netflix, it took a major hit on the profit of the site. 

To avoid this issue, most production companies end up distributing the rights based on regions. Currently, Netflix is offering its services in more than 190 countries. Each country has its favorites and genres that they love. Moreover, famous actors, singers, and comedians are different in different regions. Shows that perform exceptionally well in some regions flop in others.

A simple example of this region-based popularity is that British comedians have very dry humor and their stand-up requires a lot of cultural understanding. Famous British comedians who generally have sold-out shows within the UK might not do well in the US region. Eventually, big content streaming sites end up buying rights in more profitable regions while streaming sites within limited budgets get hold of relatively smaller markets. 

To put this into perspective, this only happens when either the show has already sold its right before availability on Netflix or some other streaming company owns the right in other regions. This is only applicable in case the production and distribution company is different. If it is a Netflix original, content will be available for all regardless of their region or location.

How to Watch Region Restricted Content?

Now you might be thinking that region-restricted content means you cannot watch the content unless you travel to that region.

Well, technically you are right but there is always a way out. One of the simplest solutions to this issue is to change your region. This can be done by using VPN or DNS. You can find a good VPN online and change the region based on the show you want to watch. Although a free VPN will serve, the same purpose you might end up putting your privacy in jeopardy. 

Try to look for a reliable VPN that allows you to save your information and conceal your user details. Now, google online about the content you want to stream via Netflix and where it is available. You can now adjust the region and watch whatever you want.

Bottom Line

Now that you know why Netflix content is not available in your region and how to watch it, you no longer have to worry about region-based restrictions. While VPN will set you free, make sure you invest a lot of time in deciding which VPN will be suitable. Moreover, you can google the region and availability of the show so you can check if your VPN offers the location you are looking for. 

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