Whethan Drops Groovy Flip of Clairo’s ‘Pretty Girl’

Teenagers usually have two things on their mind: getting their drivers license, and deciding Who has the most realistic fake-ID out of their group. 

However, at 16 years old, Chicago native Ethan Snoreck aka Whethan was busy establishing himself. Snoreck became one of the youngest producers to release on the Australian label, Future Classic.

Two years later, the Chicago based DJ now boasts collaborations with renowned artists such as, Flux Pavillion, Charli XCX, Elohim, and Dua Lipa.

Continuing an already successful 2018, the future base producer graced his fans with a dance house flip of Clairo’s indie single “Pretty Girl.”

What do we like about it?!

Snoreck brings the song’s low-fi vinyl sound into the modern age by putting smooth electro beats under Clairo’s angelic, vintage voice.

The flip takes a quick detour into Wethan’s signature sound during the breakdown. Hypnotizing you as it moves through each muscle, weighing you down into a trance-like state.



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