What's On Deck (Volume 001)

River Beats Presents: What’s On Deck (Volume 001)

We’ve been getting a lot of excellent music submissions lately and needed an outlet to showcase All this talent. 

This is the start of What’s On Deck,” our weekly Submit Your Music playlist where we select the top music sent to us and curate it for your listening pleasure.

Each week we’ll be curating a new playlist to the waves of countless tracks we get sent daily! By selecting our favorites among the submissions and including them in a weekly Soundcloud playlist, we’ll be closely curating a listening experience to what’s fresh in the music-sphere!

This week’s playlist features music from Goldfish, Chet Porter, Omar linX, and more!

Keep your eyes and ears posted every week to see What’s On Deck

Want your music featured on River Beats?

Submit Your Music to us here!

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