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We’re no longer ‘Waiting’ for Autograf and Scorsi to collab [Listen]

If you’ve been to any of Autograf’s sets in the past few years, then you’re familiar with Scorsi’s music. The Brazilian producer’s music has been a staple in their sets for awhile now, and he even remixed their song “Dead Soon” a few years back. Now the two projects have come together to release a brand new single “Waiting” off of Autograf’s debut album.

“Waiting” should be injected straight away into your Summer playlist. The catchy vocals and fun uplifting beat make this a certified hit. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from Autograf over the years, quality music time and time again. With Autograf’s album “The Ace of You” due out later this year, expect to hear a lot more music from them in the near future. Listen to Waiting below and on your favorite platform here.

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