Welcome to Zack Villere's 'Little World'
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Welcome to Zack Villere’s ‘Little World’

Zack Villere - Little World

Zack Villere, formerly Fro-Yo Ma, just dropped one of the most unique albums to come this year! He’s the coolest guy you’ll meet, and he’s not sure what to even call his sound, to be honest. Possibly “Future R&B?”

All we know that is we like it…A LOT!

With a unique sound blending transposed/harmonized vocals, guitars, shifting filters, keys, and so many more pleasant sounds, this album is a breath of fresh air to our music taste-buds.

The music video for his track ‘Cool’ off of the album recently just went viral, and also received love from The Fader and Pigeons & Planes. It’s a song about self-love and insecurity, but also shows just how cool Zack truly is!

Zack Villere carries originality about him that we do not see in the music industry in this day-and-age, and we can only look forward to more work from him in the future!

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