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WE ARE FURY Returns With Their Infectious New Single ‘Killing Me Slow’

Canadian duo Joachim Speidel and Stuart Brookes, known more commonly as WE ARE FURY, have been on a streak since they got their start just two short years ago.

The duo’s recorded millions of streams over the past two years. Not only with some heavy originals, but also some killer remixes from the likes of Illenium and many others.

And this week, WE ARE FURY continued their hot streak by releasing ‘Killing Me Slow.’ This enticing single features some infectious vocals that we can’t get enough of. WE ARE FURY explained the meaning behind the song below. 

“The song is about being stuck in a relationship where you give more than you’re receiving and it begins to wear down on you – we‘ve all been there at some point in time. In the end it is a reminder that situations of discomfort are only opportunities for growth.”

Give ‘Killing Me Slow’ a listen below, and continue to follow WE ARE FURY during the rest of 2018. 

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