Wax Future Mixes Futuristic & Funk on Creative New EP 'Sentient' [Listen]

Wax Future is taking over our Twitch tonight with a live performance of their new EP in its entirety! The show kicks off at 8:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm CST. Tune in HERE!

The Wax Future boys hailing out of Philly have been on our radar for several years now. In 2017, Wax Future joined Daily Bread and several other amazing funk & electro-soul artists for River Beats’ sold-out pre-show for Pretty Lights Live in New Orleans. The event was a huge success and we enjoyed hosting Wax Future in NOLA. 

Fast forward to 2020, and Wax Future and River Beats are collaborating in a new age way. Last weekend Wax Future joined us on our fundraising mission for Cervantes in Denver, and now they’re back on our Livestream channels tonight for an epic live performance of the EP in its entirety and more!

Their latest body of work, Sentient, was a journey that began over 18 months ago.

“For Sentient, we set out to make a cohesive record, both story and sound-wise. It has been a really fulfilling journey to focus on a narrative and bring it to life through songwriting and sonic exploration.” – Connor Hansell of Wax Future 

The band describes Sentient as a narrative tale futuristic in scope, following humanity as it’s pushed to the brink by their dependence on technology. Isolation and uncertainty run rampant throughout all walks of life, a feeling mirrored through this 20+ minute sonic journey. But, at the core of this new collection of songs lies a call: Arm yourself with the message of hope, that only together we survive. A message needed now more than ever.

“The EP truly feels like a journey from dark to light, from uncertainty to hope,” remarks Keith, guitarist for Wax Future “There are these themes throughout the music of reaching out for support to overcome something truly dire and in the end, finding what’s needed most through human connection.”

Sentient is out on all platforms today, and you can listen below! Tune into River Beats Twitch channel here to watch the live Ep release party from Wax Future. Featuring Special guests from Guggenz & Beard o Bees! 

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