Watch RL Grime's Full Two Hour Show at Story Miami [Video]
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Watch RL Grime’s Full Two Hour Show at Story Miami [Video]

A two hour RL Grime performance sounds way too good to be true, but it happened and looked to be an impressive show.

I wasn’t there, but one fan was dedicated enough to share RL’s music with the world. He recorded RL Grime’s entire set from start to finish, right up close and personal to the DJ booth. 

The Trap King played many original tracks on top of live edits that he incorporates into his sets. It is expected that an album will be released extremely soon, after the announcement of a full tour and his most recent single release, “Stay for It” (ft. Miguel). Give the set a watch/listen below!

To view upcoming performances for RL Grime including the stops for his NOVA tour, click here.

Featured photo by Becca Wilbee.

: Tmoney 56ace

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