WATCH Kendrick Lamar Fans Sing 'Humble' Acapella

WATCH Kendrick Lamar Fans Sing ‘Humble’ Acapella

All we can say is DAAAMN Kendrick Lamar! When your fans know your music so well that they literally scream it at the top of their lungs…that is something. While in the middle of “Humble”, Kendrick Lamar spits the line “My left stroke just went viral” then lets the fans finish off the verse and chorus in this very *humbling* video.


This moment took place during the first show of his DAMN. tour in Pheonix, Arizona. You can clearly see the look of awe on Kendrick Lamar‘s face. We’ll let this video speak for itself; it is guaranteed to give you the chills.

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Footage courtesy of Independent.

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