Watch Kaskade's Full 3.5 Hour Set at Redux Chicago

Watch Kaskade’s Full 3.5 Hour Set at Redux Chicago

Kaskade is one of the few producers who has stayed at the top of his game throughout his long and very impressive career. From headlining countless festivals all over the world to selling out huge arena tours, not to mention possibly his most special project, his Redux tours. 

The Redux sets are a rare treat, usually placed in more intimate and smaller venues, and Kaskade plays his original remixes, songs from early albums, and his personal collection of remixes and “reduxes”. This is the perfect opportunity to get a feel for Kaskade’s visionary capacity as well as enjoy some early Kaskade tunes and unreleased remixes for the first time. 

One fan caught the entire 3.5 hour set Redux in Chicago (his hometown) along with full tracklist for your enjoyment! Witness this rare and beautiful set from one of the greatest electronic artists of all time. 

Want to listen only? Check out the audio version here. 

Recorded by: Luciano Rodriguez 

Featured Image: Kaskade Facebook 

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