Watch Jai Wolf's New Music Video for His Classic Hit 'Indian Summer'

Watch Jai Wolf’s New Music Video for His Classic Hit ‘Indian Summer’

Jai Wolf has been a household name in the electronic music community since his debut in 2013. The producer gained thousands of fans during his short, active four-year span. One main reason for his success is the ridiculously popular song ‘Indian Summer,’ that Jai released in early 2015.

The song is featured in numerous commercials over the past two years, including a very popular go pro video that went mini-viral. The song has seen significant success in the U.S., while still holding its own in other markets around the world.

Even with the massive success of ‘Indian Summer,‘ the song lacked an official music video… until today.


Jai dropped a short snippet of the brand new video, and the inspiration that created this project yesterday.

“Indian Summer is such a special song and I always felt like it needed a visual companion to go along with it. The song invokes a feeling of adventure so I wanted to make sure the video captured that spirit. My team and I worked on this project for over a year, and now I’m proud to finally present the Indian Summer Music video.” – Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf evokes the emotional side of dance music, and this video is a perfect visual example that embraces ‘Indian Summer.’ 

You can watch the full video below!


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