Watch Herobust's First Music Video Ever for His Track 'Move Mint'

Watch Herobust’s First Music Video Ever for His Track ‘Move Mint’

The Atlanta-based producer Herobust is starting a “movement” with his first ever music video featuring his spectacular song design. He goes back to his ATL roots in this trappy track, titled “Move Mint,” while embracing an experimental take on classic bass music.

The track contains the classic Herobust sound and build up. In an interview with Run the Trap, he goes more in depth about the song:

“So yeah, this song is disguised as another “everybody jump” banger, but it really is more than that. Beneath the surface, Move Mint is about the power we posses. Not individually, but together. Whether your cause is affecting a sincere initiative, or merely supporting what you love, togetherness is the key to making an impact. So don’t dwell on our differences. Let the focus be on whatever brings you together. And let that be your movement. ” – Hayden Kramer (Herobust)

His take on bass music is next level, and he continuously proves to one-up himself release after release.

check out the video for “move mint” below.

Featured photo via Herobust Facebook page.

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