Watch Ekali's Energy-Filled Set From HOLY SHIP! 13.0

Watch Ekali’s Energy-Filled Set From HOLY SHIP! 13.0

HOLY SHIP! just wrapped up both of their 2019 Sailings, and while the cruise went on as planned, there were still some crazy moments. (Notably, the K-9 dog we reported on earlier this week that accidentally overdosed.)

But away from dogs and drugs, how about some music? How about some live sets from some of your favorite artists? Well, we’ve got both of those for you today. Thanks to the Youtube user Jellies256, we can watch Ekali’s full set from day 2 of HOLY SHIP! 13.0. 

While the audio might not be the best in the world, the quality of the video and the production of the show is top notch. You can watch and listen to the full hour set below! 


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