Watch How Dr. Dre Discovered Eminem [Video]
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Watch How Dr. Dre Discovered Eminem [Video]

over the past few weeks, HBO has aired a weekly docu-series following the rise of hip-hop and how Dr. Dre and jimmy iovine changed the music industry. On Wednesday, July 12th, the final episode of The Defiant Ones will air, and Eminem will share his side of this legendary saga.

 As reported by Billboard, in this final episode, “viewers will hear Dr. Dre and Eminem recount the first time they met and how that momentous occasion turned into a lifelong friendship that launched one of the biggest careers in hip-hop history.”

“I’m looking at Dre like, ‘Dude I see you on TV like all the time. You one of my biggest influences ever in life.’” -Eminem

In the following clip, Eminem describes what it was like to meet up with Dr. Dre in the studio for their very first session ever. The Detroit-based MC also talks about how he was able to educate his fanbase by always praising Dr. Dre as one of his “biggest influences ever in life.”

In doing so, Eminem allowed Dre’s legacy and significance to trickle down to younger audiences who might not otherwise know about N.W.A.Eminem’s loyalty has been vital to Dr. Dre’s continued success as an artist for this new generation.

You can watch the clip below!

Hopsin: Undercover Prodigy

How Eminem was discovered by Dr Dre. RARE FOOTAGE. #TheDefiantOnes


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