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Watch Chance the Rapper Debut an Untitled and Unreleased Song on ‘Colbert’

Chance The Rapper debuted a new song on Colbert last night with the R&B singer Daniel Caesar. 

The song, which is yet to be named, featured soulful vocals and talked about the challenges of fatherhood and the American dream. 

Chance has been on top of the world since his album Coloring Book became the first record to crack the Billboard 200 based on streaming alone. 

In an interview before performing, Chance explained to Colbert that he wrote the song on Saturday, when his plans to perform “Grown Ass Kid” fell through.

The untitled track features some deep lyrics that really seem to hit home with the rapper. The ability of Chance to write and perform a song he created just 48 hours before the show is amazing. 

Watch the full clip from the Late Show With Stephen Colbert below!

Featured Image: Rap up 

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