Watch 12th Planet Interview Excision From Way Back in 2010

Watch 12th Planet Interview Excision From Way Back in 2010

Continuing our search through the depths of youtube, we recently stumbled upon a very cool interview from early 2010 conducted by 12th planet with the X man himself, Excision.

Before he toured the world dropping his unique riddim-infused sounds, 12th Planet, aka John Dadzie, interviewed some of bass musics’ young rising stars. The producer hosted his own radio and interview series with Roach Coach Radio based out of LA. This gem with Excision is one of the top interviews from the series.

The interview opens with rare footage showing Excision DJ’ing with almost no production and visuals, something fans are not use to seeing in today’s Paradox world. The two openly discuss Jeff’s love for metal and hip-hop and how this influenced his love for dubstep in the early days of his career. Jeff’s work with Downlink and Datsik and hosting successful bass events were the push he needed to jump-start his career.

Interviews like this provide fans with insight into some of the artist we love, but rarely get to learn about.

Sit back and enjoy this gem from two of our favorites 12th Planet and Excision.

Featured Photo: Rukes.Com

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