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Watch Porter Robinson's Virtual Self Interview From the Red Carpet of the Grammys

Porter Robinson’s early 2000s-inspired alias Virtual Self has remained one of the most innovative dance music projects since 2017. This nod to innovation isn’t just noticed from fans, but the Academy of the Grammys as well. 

The producer was nominated for his first Grammy for “Ghost Voices,” and while his nomination made waves, something else took the spotlight last night. Porter donned a very unique suit choice, and the internet just about lost their mind.  


While his suit selection was a hot topic, it doesn’t take away from the success Porter has seen so far from his Virtual Self-nomination. Porter spoke to the Academy on the success of Virtual Self and his inspiration behind the project. You can watch the full video below. 


The award for dance recording of the year eventually went to Diplo & Silk City for their hit single “Electricity,” but not without Porter stealing some of the headlines.  


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