Austin Native Vincent Antone Captures Psychedelic Swing in 'No Turning Back' [RB Premiere]

Combining elements of dance music with other genres takes mad talent, and Vincent Antone executes this perfectly. Check out how this multi-instrumentalist puts a Southern twist into futuristic bass sounds in his new single, “No Turning Back.” Give it a listen below!

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Vincent Antone takes artistic versatility to the next level. He was previously the architect of sound for Resonant Frequency, the three- piece live electronic ensemble, and is currently a guitarist for critically acclaimed jam band Mamafesta.

A master at the guitar, piano, bass, and drums, this Texan smoothly paints electronic music with funk, soul, and hip hop. His experience as a musician defines electro-soul and raises the bar for this new age of complex productions.

Familiar to the festival scene, he has played at Austin City LimitsBreakaway Fest, Waterloo Fest, and so much more. He also has opened for big name legends Pretty LightsSteve AokiCherub, and The Nappy Roots. You can definitely expect to be movin’ and groovin’ at his live sets.

Make sure to check out the rest of his jivey EP also named No Turning Back, out on February 18th!

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