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Mapping Out The Many Styles of Vibe Street

Vibe Street (Ben Davis) is one of the most versatile producers on the rise. He combines elements from all corners of the musical world and delivers a savory listening experience for everyone from bluegrass lovers to extraterrestrial, space-funk enthusiasts.

Davis successfully navigates putting the Vibe Street quality touch on a handful of genre styles. However, he masters his signature “grass-hop/future-folk” sound. This is a spectrum stretching from Yonder Mountain String Band to Tipper while exploring all of the possibilities in between.

In the newly released “Home Is Where The Heart Beats” album, this grass-hop sound is especially smooth and nurtured, a ray of sunshine and feel good vibes that we all need. Davis’ unique genus of music is not only genre-bending; it opens a portal of endless opportunity for what lies within the expansion of electronic music.

In excitement for the Good Vibe Revolution Tour, we’ve mapped the best of Vibe Street. We’ve included your favorite genres for a little taste of what you might expect to hear at a live show this winter.



Electro-Soul/Electro Funk




Jam ReVibes

Even a Little Smooth Jazz …

The “Vibe Street” is surely long and winding, and coming to a city near you this winter. And don’t miss his supporting acts accompanying him on this tour: Robbie Dude, Evanoff, and Wax Future. Get your tickets for the Good Vibe Revolution Tour now.

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