VASSY and Afrojack Team Up for Insanely Catchy Tune: 'Lost'

VASSY and Afrojack Team Up for Insanely Catchy Tune: ‘Lost’

Combining pop vocals and dance music is VASSY and Afrojack’s latest release “Lost.” The tune broke the Spotify viral charts in five different countries and for good reason; it’s impossible to listen to this song and not want to groove. Released by Armada Music, her new single “LOST” is made in collaboration with Dutch star Afrojack and Amsterdam-based producer Oliver Rosa, and may just require all three to clear some space in their respective trophy rooms.

VASSY’s vocals are the main talking point of this chart-breaker, as she remains “emotive and progressive” all in one. Her past accomplishments include multiple top singles: “Nothing to Lose” and “Secrets” (with Tiesto ad KSHMR), plus countless streams on these and her other singles. She is proving to the music world there is nothing she can’t do or handle.

All together, the three intermingle to deliver a 2017 hit.

Give the catchy tune a listen below, and stay tuned for more from VASSY.


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